216 notes for 9-21-05

I spent the past week in Washington working on performance management.  Management indicates that it wants to implement the system by November 1.  We have continued to address the comments for the performance plans and some changes have been made.  As you know, the plan will be four tiers.  We are working on guidance for determining the differences between the fully successful/proficient standard which you reviewed when your plan was sent to you and highly effective and outstanding.  We are writing Q& As to assist with informing EEOC employees about the program and how it differs from the current system.  If you have any burning questions, please get them to me as soon as possible.

In addition, you will be receiving notice that your leave and earnings statements will no longer be mailed to you, starting with the one  you normally would receive on October 21, 2005.  Instead, you will print them from  employee express.  so, if you do not have a PIN number to access them, you should go to www.employeeexpress.com to set up your PIN.  If you already registered and have a PIN, you will use that number for access to print your statement.  The new MOU will be posted on INSITE.  If you are having trouble or need assistance, Douglas Craig is the contact person and he can be reached at 202.663.4341 or Douglas.Craig@eeoc.gov.
As you know, the CBA expired .  Levi Morrow has been negotiating with management concerning a MOU to notify everyone that under the law, the terms of the current CBA remain in place until a new CBA is negotiated.  It is anticipated that the MOU should be signed early this week.  Ground rules for the new CBA have not yet been negotiated.  the parties agreed to negotiate them at a mutually agreeable time.  Management has stated that the agreement to negotiate ground rules in the future is not an intent to roll over the contract for another year.  So, sometime shortly after the beginning of the new fiscal year, ground rule negotiations will begin.  Please contact Levi Morrow if you have concerns.
I met with the Chair's office, as well as with appropriators to discuss the reorganization.  The Council repackaged our concerns.  It appears that the agency still does not have permission to implement the reorganization plan.  The agency will meet with the Union in late October to discuss our concerns.  The attached file contains the Union position.