October 4, 2004



Due to end of year activities, the performance management work team has not met.  We will begin meeting again in October or November.  If you still have comments, now that the end of the year has passed, please forward them on to Levi or me


The target date for announcing to offices the Staff Development Enhancement Program, or SDEP, as called for by Article 18 is October 12, 2004.  For support staff interested in the six positions, all of which are Investigator positions, you may want to review the CBA and your resume.  The target start date for selected of the program is February 7, 2005.


By now, everyone should have received a copy of the MOU and the code sheets. For Union representatives using official time, you will use the Cost Accounting Biweekly Timesheets (the Biweekly Timesheet) to record those activities.  If your office does not use a sign-in/sign-out sheet, you will use the Biweekly Timesheet to record time and activities.  If you have any other questions about the MOU on Biweekly Timesheets, contact Levi Morrow or me  Technical questions on filling out the form go to Douglas Craig in HQ, but feel free to contact Levi or me on these types of issues as well.